Onion Productions creates informative, inspiring designs. We will collaborate with you to enhance the connection with your audience. We love all things design and we focus on these main areas:

HTML emails + Animated GIFs: Email is a great way to connect with your audience. With your brand and images your messages will be even more effective. We have new designs for clothing, records and other businesses. These emails help sell new products, show orders, share news, and welcome new customers to your company. Animations are an eye-catching way to get attention on social media and through email. It is easy to share new products as they scroll through on a single screen. We can put together a single ad or a running campaign for your business.
ALBUM ART: Music is a great form of artistic expression as well as being a unique business. Onion Productions works with musicians, artists and record companies to capture, visually communicate and amplify what artists intend for their listeners to experience.
BRANDING: Onion Productions works with large and small businesses to define and translate their mission statement and core values into a logo and branding elements that visually identify and help them stand out in the marketplace, as well as connecting them to their audience.
PRINT: Print media such as business cards, posters, ads, brochures, and packaging continue to have the strong and important purpose of providing information and directing potential customers to your business. They also communicate messages that reinforce your brand to specific and receptive audiences. Onion Productions designs printed materials to maximize their impact.
WEB: As information windows, websites are useful and essential extensions of your brand. Whether selling online, or sharing your company story Onion Productions ensures that the visual design, navigation and site architecture will combine to create a great place for visitors to learn what you can do for them and what you are all about.

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