Onion Productions began in 2005 quickly becoming a source and resource for excellent design, companies in need of branding or re-branding, the visual communication of brands through print and web design, and a visionary for the music industry.
FOUNDATION: Onion Productions is the design, creativity and strategy of graphic designer Tim Schwartz. Having worked in design offices from the East Coast to Colorado, Schwartz and his clients profit from his experience of working on branding, packaging and web design for both large and small businesses. Tim’s creative design skills combine his education in Graphic Design, Architecture, Music Business, and as a seasoned musician.
CLIENTS: Comcast, Motorola, Remington, Schick, GE, HP, Recommended Records, MSR Classics, Man in the Moon / Warner Brothers Records, Innova Records, Lens Records, Aucourant Records, Bent Wheel Records, Morphius Records, Colorado Department of Transportation, Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, and many others.

“…let me praise you for design work that is consistently fantastic, and work practices that are just great. Your professionalism, especially during exceptionally challenging projects has been a bright point.”
- David Andler, Morphius Records
“Tim is a very creative ‘out-of-the-box’ graphic designer. He looks for the essence or greater sense of meaning in the message that needs to be conveyed. We’re thrilled that he created the Farm brand for us.”
- Jack Harkins, Farm Product Design
“I’ve worked with Onion Productions on several jobs and they have always done a fantastic job with my projects. Best of all, Onion does it in a timely manner with great results at an affordable rate.”
- Rob Hyman, Lens Records
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